Maximize the results you get from this powerful program with one of our fun, energetic, detailed training classes. Attend a webinar from anywhere, join us (in person or through our virtual training room) at one of our many Regional Trainings or bring us to your facility for a private, on-site experience.
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Classroom / Virtual Training

Learn how to get the most out of your Caterease program and get helpful ideas from other event planning professionals just like you. With two different classes for different levels of users, we have the perfect option for beginners and experienced users alike.

As the nation continues to recover from the COVID pandemic, we offer the option of our classroom trainings virtually using Zoom. To make attending as convenient as possible, we have scheduled three half-day sessions from 1PM-5PM EST. Training software and material will be provided electronically to all students.

Registration Pricing
Virtual: $595/person
In-Person: $795/person

Level 1 | In-person/Virtual Training

The two-day Level 1 class is perfect for new users, teaching how to add customers, book events, generate prints and more.

Level 2 | In-person/Virtual Training

The two-day Level 2 class is designed for users who already know the basics, and want to explore additional tools.

Level 1 | Virtual Training

The three-day Level 1 class is perfect for new users, teaching how to add customers, book events, generate prints and more.

Level 2 | Virtual Training

The three-day Level 2 class is designed for users who already know the basics, and want to explore additional tools.

Virtual Training

Get all the benefit of a full Caterease training class without the hassle or expense of travel! Our Virtual Training Room experience is just like being there. A powerful, 360-degree camera places you right in the room, and our state-of-the-art presenter tools highlight the instructor’s focus right on your screen.

Virtual Training Pricing: $595/person 

2022 Upcoming Classes

In-person Pricing

June 28th, 29th & 30th (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

1PM to 5PM EST

VTR Only  $595 N/A 1

July 19th, 20th & 21st (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

1PM to 5PM EST

VTR Only  $595 N/A 2


*Please note: Caterease requires 10 (ten) business days’ notice when cancelling attendance at a regional training class. Should cancellation occur within 10 (ten) days prior to the scheduled regional training class, your paid registration fee will be refunded (minus a $100 non-refundable laptop fee). Should cancellation occur with less than 10 (ten) business days, you will be refunded 50% of your paid registration fee. Cancellation requests must be received in writing via e-mail to*

Onsite / Corporate Training

Get the absolute most out of a Caterease training by having one of our certified representatives come to your facility. Learn about the program using your specific custom software – reserving one of your banquet rooms or off-site locations, selecting items from your particular food and service menus, creating passwords and security settings for your specific sales representatives.

On-site training classes offer a two-day (9:00 AM – 4:30 PM) comprehensive class covering all the various facets of the program, from setup to data-entry to advanced data-management. Learn how to adapt Caterease to suit your particular company needs, and get all of your individual issues and questions addressed. Call or email today to schedule an on-site training.*

*Please note: Caterease requires 10 (ten) business days’ advance notice when cancelling or rescheduling an onsite class. Cancellation requests must be received in writing via e-mail ( Classes cancelled without 10 days’ notice are subject to cancellation fee.

Web Trainings

Caterease Online Trainings are the quickest and easiest way to familiarize yourself with various areas of the program. Specially prepared recorded classes with detailed guidebooks are available 24/7 free of charge – and private, live trainings can be scheduled for a modest fee.

In just a few moments, you can be logged into our “meeting room” on the web – and dialed into a toll-free conference line where you can speak with a certified Caterease trainer and watch in real-time as he guides you through the program’s features and answers all your questions.


Private, custom classes are available for $150/hour.

Contact us to review recordings of the various classes below, complete with detailed guidebooks – or to arrange private, custom classes on any topics you choose.

Booking Your First Event

This class is the perfect orientation for new Caterease users. You will learn how to add a new event from scratch, including creating a brand new customer. Various data-entry tools in the Event Manager are discussed, as well as the important distinctions between the General and Sub-Event displays. Customizing quickpick lists, entering times, selecting banquet rooms or site locations, retrieving menu items, adding menu items by hand, entering staff, copying comments from the Scratch Pad, generating and emailing a contract and posting an event payment are all covered. You’ll even learn how to create events quickly with the Event Wizard! It’s a fun, comprehensive class – loaded with information! Don’t miss this one!



Creating Custom Event Prints in Print Designer

In Caterease, you have a Print Designer that allows you to create as many prints as you want, to serve any purpose you need. The Print Designer offers a template-based approach to modify the various event prints (contracts, invoices, proposals, back-of-house prints) you generate from the program.



Queries and Detail Grids

If you want to impress the boss, then you have GOT to learn about these powerful Caterease tools. And if you ARE the boss – well, this class will put literally any piece of event information instantly at your fingertips. You will learn how to use our powerful query tools to track events (or clients, or prospective clients, or menu items, or staffing, or payments, or …) based on any detail – track by event date, or by theme, or by status, sales rep and a host of other conditions. Then, once you have the results you want, you will learn how to customize the details to show you any information you need to see – and even print those custom details as a fully customized report, or export them for use in other software programs! You’ll even find out how to print or email contracts, invoices and other prints for multiple events with one mouse click. Can you say “time saving”?!


Creating Custom Merge Documents

If you own the Marketing Tools Package, then you owe it to yourself to learn how to get the most use out of this powerful Caterease add-in module. This class will show you exactly that, from creating basic merge documents letters (inserting images, adding merge fields, formatting text, inserting tables), to creating robust dynamic prints including menu items, sub-event details, payments, staffing, and more – and ultimately printing those documents or even using them as the bodies of outgoing emails. You’ll even learn how to print or email these documents for an entire group of clients or events with one single mouse click. Any event print you can imagine, you can create – and this class will show you how!



Managing Your Prospective Leads

Why clutter your list of active clients in Caterease with a list of potential customers whose business you may or may never get? Take this valuable class, and learn how to use the Prospect Manager add-in to track a separate database of prospective leads. Assign next actions, track next action dates, record history notes and correspondences! You’ll even discover how to use the powerful Import Wizard to import a database of prospective leads (or active customers)!



Creating Reminders and Contact History

Never forget another appointment or phone call again! This important class teaches you about every aspect of the popular Contact Manager add-in to Caterease – how to manually create both reminders and contact history notes (details of things you have done), how to have the program generate both automatically, how to keep track of things you’ve done and duties you need to perform. Sign up for this class today, and throw away all of those yellow stickies!



Menu Manager

Did you know that all of your program’s default menus for food/beverage items, rental equipment, and even miscellaneous charges (such as setup fees), are managed in Menu Manager? Our Menu Manager class explains how to add and edit your default menus, from basic details such as name and price, to more specialized information such as detailed description, recipe, modifications, etc. During this 60-minute class, you’ll learn how to set up an ingredients list and attach a custom list of required items. You’ll even learn how to create menu packages and retrieve those packages from Event Manager. After you have been exposed to the data-entry tasks, the Menu Manager class will walk you through tracking that information via the food/service reports and custom queries available in Caterease.



Employee Manager

This class is a must for anyone who is involved in staffing an event. In this comprehensive 60-minute class, you will learn how to create positions, such as wait staff, bartenders, bus staff, etc. You will then learn how to assign employees to each position, then designate availability, check for employee conflicts, and schedule an employee to work an event. Other topics included in this class include customizing employee wages, sending a batch e-mail to employees, and moving employees from one shift to another. After you have learned about inputting the necessary employee information, you will learn to extract the information from Caterease, culminating in printing an Event Staffing Sheet and generating a Staffing Activity Query.



Guestrooms Manager

This class provides a comprehensive overview of how hotels, motels, and inns can use our powerful Guestrooms Manager module to book a new sleeping rooms contract. First, you’ll learn how to set up your Guestrooms Manager program. After you’ve added your rooms/room rates and you’ve customized your miscellaneous settings, you’ll discover the numerous tools available to help you streamline your guestrooms-booking process. You can even link your guestrooms contract to an event! The class concludes with a discussion of the numerous prints and reports you can generate.