Hotels and Motels
Manage all aspects of your events with powerful wizard tools and attractive, fully customizable prints. Automatic conflict checks on space, staff and equipment help you ensure that no detail is overlooked. Only Caterease has the full array of features you need to simplify your busy workday.

Hotels/Motels That Use Caterease

Caterease Features That Are Perfect For Hotels/Motels

User-Friendly Design
Familiar tools and step-by-step wizards make data-entry a snap, allowing you to book and edit parties easily with no repetitive typing.
Sales & Catering Reports
Flexible, quick-access reports and customizable query tools let you track any information about your events or group bookings in a variety of ways.
Web Lead Capture
Allow customers to quickly book parties and submit information online, with completely custom web forms that live on your company’s website.
Banquet Rooms Management
Track banquet room usage and availability, with selection wizards matching parties with the best venue and warning of any potential conflicts.
Group Rooms Management
Manage and block an inventory of sleeping rooms in relation to events you are hosting – and track room bookings and revenue for any time period.
Customizable Prints
Build completely custom event prints including any information in any custom layout – reflecting your unique company image.
Valerie Wentzel
Best Western Parkway Center Inn

“I love the Caterease program. I was the Sales Coordinator for a major hotel chain for 11 years and when my former supervisor told me we were getting this program, I had full intentions of quitting my position. You see, I am in an age group that didn’t grow up with computers in school, so this was quite a shock, to say the least. My supervisor made one mistake though. The comment was made that I learn it (Caterease), or be fired! Well, here I am more than two years later and I LOVE CATEREASE. It has been a lifesaver, for my workload has increased three-fold and I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing business. Oh, by the way, I am now the Director of Sales and I still do all of my own work instead of handing it out to the new Sales Coordinator since I like this program so much and it’s really not work to detail all of the functions that we book.”

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